Consulting Services

Our consulting boils down to helping you achieve your individual & business financial goals…

Below are examples of areas where we can assist you.

Business Structures:

The tax and accounting aspects of C corporations, S corporations, LLCs, partnerships and proprietorships present a surprisingly complex array of business options, alternatives and potential traps. We know the rules. We will help you operate in the most efficient and effective manner today, while planning for your future. We recommend structures to achieve tax reduction, maximize benefits, ensure asset protection and assist with your estate planning, all in a manner that simplifies the number of business entities that must file tax returns. We will assist you with business entity formations, including making appropriate tax elections. We help select the states in which you operate to minimize state tax obligations.

Pension Plans:

A major means of ensuring your future financial security and attracting good employees is the selection and maintenance of an appropriate pension plan. The appropriate plan varies, depending on factors like the size of the business, the number of employees and the age of the business owners. We calculate for you the amount of pension contribution that may be made each year.

Minimizing Payroll Taxes:

Payroll taxes are a major cost to small businesses. Knowing the rules on independent contractors versus employees, and selecting appropriate salaries of officers of your business requires consideration of a variety of complex factors. We will help you maximize your cash flow, while knowing how to comply with government rules.

Controllership Services:

Our clients generally are below the size where they employ their own controller. We understand accounting and finance functions, and act when requested as your company controller. In that role we can help you raise money for your business, take steps to prevent fraud from being committed by employees by establishing internal controls, help you select financial talent for your business, and improve your cash flow. We can help you establish budgets, and evaluate and present your strategic business plans.

Financial Modeling of Capital Intensive Projects:

Are you presently involved in or are planning to pursue a capital intensive business or project? We have years of experience with the financing and pricing of capital intensive projects. We know how to determine how profitable your project is likely to be. Our projections will help you secure financing, and help you to sleep at night by knowing that you are not taking inordinate business risks. Since we own real estate ourselves, we have experience particularly with real estate investments.

Distressed Businesses:

Business professionals take risks, and sometimes the best laid plans don’t work out. We can help you with the tax aspects of distressed businesses, including helping you with losses and any cancellation of debt issues pertinent to bankruptcies, short sales and repossessions.

Mature Client Services:

Accumulating wealth for retirement and other financial goals is only one half of most peoples’ financial challenges. The other half is knowing how to preserve that wealth, generate needed income and leave your estate as desired to your family or other beneficiaries. Because we have practical life experience with these issues, we can assist you with both the accumulation phase and the spending phase. Due to low interest rates in the current economy, the spending phase has become particularly problematical. We know of several ways to assist you with your challenges in the mature phase of your life.

Preventing Tax Problems:

Many good people get behind on their income tax and payroll tax obligations because they simply can’t perform the steps needed to forecast future tax liabilities and properly provide for estimated tax payments. Then, they suffer with disagreeable IRS tax payment plans from past years’ taxes while trying to also pay current year tax obligations. We know how to advise you on these problems. A solution may be to restructure how you are doing business to minimize your tax liability. Another solution might be to amend your prior tax returns. The appropriate strategies and solutions are dependent on your own particular situation and facts. Because we have dealt with these issues over and over with many people, we know how to help you with these vexing challenges.